Holistic Health Modalities are often referred to as Complementary Modalities because they complement a variety of other ways to promote optimal health including consulting your Medical practitioner, getting enough sleep, exercise, eating well and finding sources of joy in your life.

Modalities such as Reiki, Reflexology, Healing Touch, Meditation, Yoga and Acupuncture are a few of the modalities that work on our energetic bodies.

Have you ever noticed when you walk into a room, how it feels? When buying a house do you know instantly how it feels when you walk in the front door? Did you know that other people can feel your energy? If you are in an unhealthy situation at home, work or in a relationship it can make you feel very low in energy.

In Chinese medicine - energy is called Chi. The Chinese have mapped energy meridians in the body to strengthen and heal often referred to as acupuncture. In Yoga, energy is Shakti. In the West, some call it Spirit Energy and in Reiki and Healing Touch we often refer to Chakra Energy centers. 

According to Michael Singer, (The Untethered Soul) we can train ourselves to stay open, pay attention to when we feel love, enthusiasm, joy and be consciously aware of choices we make. The more open we are, the more energy that flows into you and then out to others becoming a source of light for everyone around you.

Positive, loving energy can help you in many ways, it can even affect the health of your body. Many shamans or native traditions understand the relationship between energy and the body in healing.

Reiki, Healing Touch, have been known to help reduce stress, work through issues such as anxiety or depression, increase the energy flow, bring about feelings of peace, light, balance and a sense of calm.