At Life Path Consulting we offer a variety of Training Seminars and Workshops to Individuals, Groups and Corporations. 

Popular Workshops:

Creating Your Road Map: This popular workshop helps people to set personal and/or professional goals, and develop an action plan to get you started on your path. You will work through a set process to help you develop goals to suit your needs, interests and true desires, as well as follow an Action Plan that follows a GROW framework. If what you seek is to find out the next step on your journey, then join us and let us help you discover what's next for you.

Awaken Your Power Within: Are you feeling alive within, living up to your potential? Ever wonder if you about your life purpose? Let us help awaken your spirit within. Spend a day discovering your talents, purpose, opportunities that will awaken your soul. 

Facilitation Training: Learn the Basics to successful facilitation. Whether you are facilitating a large or small group, there are some basics you should know. Keep people awake, engaged and on their toes!

Grief & Bereavement Leadership Training: This 6 week workshop will teach you the fundamentals of assisting others through the grieving process. Come prepared to engage in dialogue and experience the activities for yourself.

Grief & Bereavement Group: One to one sessions are available. Support groups are offered to those who have experienced a loss in their life. Email to find out more information about when our next group starts.