It's 2020! Let's take an inventory of where we are and where we want to be! On a scale of 1 to 5 where are you Physically, Socially, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. We are in unchartered territory, a global pandemic and learning how to thrive in a "new normal" way. Chances are your very being will be challenged to think and behave in new ways. I invite you to reach out for support.

Psychotherapy and Counselling Services:  Online, by phone and in person. Barrie, Belleville, and Markham Lymphedema Clinic. During COVID 19 - psychotherapy/counselling services will take place online or by phone. I am welcoming new clients at this time.

How can therapy help you? Someone to listen, provide a safe space to share your deepest fears, concerns or worries; Develop skills, learn new coping strategies, manage anger, grief, depression, anxiety and emotional pressures; Change old patterns, improve listening and communicating skills. Asking for help, engaging in self care through counselling, psychotherapy or energy work, and taking time to heal, takes courage. I invite you to start the process and look forward to meeting with you.

Holistic Health Modalities: Reiki, Reflexology, Soul Coaching, Workshops, Classes                                               

Counselling for a variety of concerns:  Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions, Grief, Relationships, Family Dynamics, Mental Health Issues, Suicide, Educational and Learning Difficulties e.g. ADHD, self esteem, behavior.    

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